Susan Icove cuts handmade paper to create one of her signature lampshades.

Welcome to the studio

Susan welcomes visitors to her studio gallery, which is open by appointment. The historic general store building, on the Franklin Pike in Floyd, has been her studio since 1981. Visitors can see where Susan works, as well as the various junk and parts that are selected to be incorporated.

About the Process

Susan creates three-dimensional collages to form the body of each lamp. Ordinary household objects reappear in surprising, delightful, and sometimes hilarious ways. Each lamp has a theme, and every component is significant. Susan may try thousands of different combinations of components, taking parts on and off, before she finds the arrangement that works. Often, a lamp will grow around a couple of parts that work together. Susan usually works in series, with four to six lamps taking shape simultaneously. A single object can often be the inspiration for the idea behind a lamp. The themes behind her lamps depend on the objects that she finds. Susan finds lamp parts by searching junkyards, thrift stores, and yards sales- and even by dumpster diving! Once she has completed the base, she then creates a lampshade uniquely suited to it, using a variety of techniques, including drawing, collaged paper, and fabric. Each creative decision builds upon the one before it, perfectly orchestrated in accordance with the message that Susan seeks to inspire.

To see Susan's work, stop by Troika Contemporary Crafts in downtown Floyd at 203 S. Locust Street.